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Arabia - the word itself takes you to the world of
beautiful sand dunes, ethnic Arabian music, belly dancers,
exotic food, beautiful oasis, magnificent architectural masterpieces
and kingdom of gold. But there’s more to it...

Dubai, one of the most extravagant modern cities of the world
is renowned for its hospitality.
Dubai shopping festival is graced by lakhs of visitors every year,
proving to be the most desired shopping destination.

Absorb the view of scintillating and huge Burj Al Arab.
Make your heart beat faster on your visit to the Ferrari Park, in Abu Dhabi.
Take the unforgettable desert safari and camel rides,
also cherish the light moments on the dhow cruise, as you embrace the Indian Ocean.

Moving north, Egypt is where the history comes alive, ancient stories breathe life.
Soak your eyes with the stunning view of the Pyramids and the Sphinx.
Relax on the beach of Alexandria and take a trip down the world’s longest river, Nile.
Feel your heart beat faster with wild life safari and adventure sports.