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Assemble at Sahar International Airport
Complete Your Check in & Clear Immigration Formalities & proceed for Departure Gate




Arrive St Petersburg & you will be met your Guide & Chauffer who will guide you for Hotel
Approx Time Check In Hotel
Evening we have Option to Enjoy The famous Canal Cruise...
Cruise starts from the mooring at Pevchesky Bridge close to the Capella and the Palace Square as this place is very convenient to leave the bus and to continue excursions round the city. After embarking the cruise boat heads for the St-Isaac's Square passing under Narodny (Peoples) Bridge across the Nevsky Prospect, Red Bridge across Gorokhovaya street and Blue Bridge which is considered to be the widest bridge of the city and is enclosed into St-Isaac's Square. Having passed under Pochtamtsky (Post), Potseluev (Kissing) and Krasnoflotsky Bridges you'l find yourself in the waters of Krukov Channel and enjoy the view on the Mariinsky Theatre, the Conservatory, the Nicolsky Square and the St-Nicolas Cathedral. Then the boat enters the Fontanka river between Egyptian and Smezhny Bridges not far from hotel Sovetskaya.
Heading in the direction of the Nevsky Prospect under Izmailovsky Bridge you'll pass the Izmailovsky Gardens and the University of Railway Transportation, between Obukhovsky and Semenovsky Bridges you'll see houses of the 19th - the 1st quarter of the 20 century designed in different architectural styles like modern, Renaissance, pseudo Russian. There is the famous Tovstonogov Drama Theatre between Semenovsky and Lomonosovsky Bridges on the left bank of the river. At Anitchkov Bridge tourists will see several palaces - the Palace of Beloselsky-Belozersky, the Anitchkov Palace, the classic Shuvalovsky Palace, the Sheremetievsky Palace.
At Belinsky Bridge you'll see the building of the Circus to the left and the Semenovsky Cathedral to the right. After passing the monumental building of the Mikhailovsky Castle and the Summer Gardens, the cruise boat enters the Neva, make a large circle, passes under Troitsky Bridge and returns into the Fontanka. From the Fontanka the boat goes into the Moika passing under Pantelejmonovsky Bridge, past the Mikhailovsky Garden and the Mars Field and returns to the mooring at Pevchesky Bridge.




Breakfast at Hotel
09:30 Approx Time Meet Your Guide for Your Tour of St Petersburg & Hermitage State Museum
10.00 Panoramic tour of St Petersburg (Duration 3 hrs)
Take a drive along the "Great Perspective" world famous today as Nevsky Prospect lined with marble palaces of Russian royalty and aristocracy, with most fashionable boutiques and art salons arranged in old settings of the 18th century, trading rows and arcades, with impressive classical and Renaissance cathedrals. You have an excellent picture opportunity with a stunning panorama along the Neva's embankments; by the city's Rostral Columns you will have a view of the 5 buildings of the State Hermitage Museum, the Admiralty and St.Isaac's Cathedral.

You visit the most splendid architectural masterpieces of St.Petesburg: Fine Arts Square with the Russian Museum, the magnificent Church of Resurrection on Spilled Blood, Field of Mars, the Alexanderinsky Drama Theater, Smolny Cathedral, Senate & Synod classical buildings, the Bronze Horseman and much more. Enjoy the beauty of the third largest square in the world - the Palace Square with the Winter Palace and the Alexander Column.
During this tour you also visit The Peter & Paul Fortress, which is the oldest construction in Saint-Petersburg. The Peter and Paul Fortress had been created for fortification purposes, but was used as a political prison. Peter and Paul Cathedral is a unique sample of Russian 18th-century architecture that has reached us. It had for almost two centuries served as a burial-place for Russian emperors. The last Russian Tsar - Nicholas II - and his family were buried in the cathedral's small St. Catherine chapel in 1998.
Free Time for Lunch...
14.00 Approx Visit of Hermitage state museum (Duration 3 hrs)
The premier city attraction is the Hermitage Museum. For many traveling to Russia it is the main destination and even the reason for the tour. As the director of the Hermitage once put it “I can not say that the Hermitage is a number one museum in the world but I know that it is certainly not number two.” And with over 3 million works of art exhibited in five connecting palaces the museum can’t fail to impress. If works by Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrandt or Leonardo da Vinci don’t make you gasp then the interiors of the Winter Palace will.

The five buildings that make up the museum include the opulent Winter palace, which was built by Peter the Great's daughter (Elizabeth) and has undergone major renovations that have left it sparkling. Walk up an imposing baroque marble staircase and marvel at all the gold leaf, and check out the several heavily decorated rooms including a throne room. 

Your guide will tell you how the art collecting began with Catherine the Great (although what she collected could only be viewed by royal eyes and invited guests). Today's art collection is in chronological order. You will start with names familiar everyone and not just the art lovers - Botticelli, Leonardo (DaVinci), Raffael, Michelangleo. Next you move on to the Spanish collection (Valazquez, Goya, El Greco to name a few). 

The Hermitage's Rembrandt collection is the second biggest after Amsterdam, and among the paintings is The Danae, which may or may not actually be by Rembrandt, but has a place in history for being slashed and burned with acid in 1985 by a madman. It took 12 years to restore the work. 

Delightful is the museum's famous Impressionist collection, put together by collectors in Moscow but then declared bourgeois by Stalin -- the collection sat in warehouses until the end of World War II, when it was divided up between the Hermitage and Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. 
There are Renoirs, Van Goghs, Cezannes and Gauguins in room after room, followed by a lot of Matisse and some Picasso too. It can take a complete day to see the highlights, but investigating every corner in each of the five linked buildings could take years




Breakfast at Hotel
09:30 Approx Time Meet Your Guide for Your Tour of Peterhof, visit Big Palace & Upper Park
& The Famous Folklore Village Shuvaloka with Russian Style lunch
10.00 Tour of Peterhof, visit of the Big Palace and Upper park (duration Approx 3 hrs)
Peterhof Grand Palace and Park that carries the world's largest system of fountains, which titled as the "Russian Versailles". Enjoy sightseeing with the statues, pavilions and the fountains.
The Palace at Peterhof sits amidst an enormous park, adorned with fountains, statues and pavilions. The upper Garden, located between the St. Petersburg highway and the Grand Palace, is a typical French-style formal garden with five fountains including one depicting Neptune, the God of the Sea. The estate's Lower Park lies between the Garden Palace and the seashore and boasts the world's largest system of fountains, earning it the title the "Russian Versailles". There are three major cascades and over 120 fountains in the park. The most impressive is the Grand Cascade.
13.30 Visit of the folklore village Shuvalovka
Russian lunch at Shuvalovka
17.00 Approx time return back to St Ptersburg
19.00 Proceed fot Visit of the folklore show “Feel yourself Russian” at Nikolaevsky palace (2 hrs)
Famous architect Andrey Stakenshneider for Emperor Nikolay I’s son Grand Duke Nikolay constructed the Nikolaevsky Palace in 1853-1861. The classic-styled residence was set in Annunciation Square (the Square of Labour nowadays) in the prestigious and costly district of Saint Petersburg, not far from the Admiralty and Palace Square. After the Grand Duke's death in 1891, the Palace was given over to the Women' Institute named after Grand Duchess Xenia, sister of Nikolay II.
Its lavishly decorated halls have witnessed the daily life of the Grand Duke's family as well as the meetings and celebrations of the Soviet authorities. The Palace houses the Nikolayevsky Art-centre that is aimed to represent the unique Russian culture to guests and residents of Saint Petersburg.
Every night the bright folklore show that is comprised of the best folk companies' performances is held in the Concert Hall (the former ballroom) of the Nikolayevsky Palace.




Breakfast at Hotel
09:30 Approx Time Guided Tour of Pushkin town, Catherine Palace, Peter & Paul Fortress
10.00 Tour to Pushkin town, visit of Catherine palace (Duration 3.5 hrs)
If any proof is needed for the extravagance of Russia's Imperial rulers, then it can be found in the fact that, in less than two centuries, the Romanov Tsars established not one but two suburban estates - at Tsarskoe Selo and Peterhof - that, in terms of grandeur and excess, outstrip even Versailles. What is more, at Tsarskoe Selo, the 18th century saw the construction of two vast and truly exceptional palaces, both surrounded by extensive landscaped gardens with diverse and fascinating decorative architecture.
Built for Empress Elizabeth by Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the architect of St. Petersburg's Winter Palace, the Catherine Palace is undoubtedly Tsarskoe Selo's top attraction, particularly renowned for the extraordinary Amber Room. The town of Pushkin, which surrounds the Tsarskoe Selo estates, is St. Petersburg's most charming suburb. Renamed in Soviet times to honour Russia's greatest poet, the town has numerous sights connected to Alexander Sergeevich, including a museum in the former Imperial Lycee, where he was schooled. The Catherine Palace is the Rococo summer residence of the Russian tsars, located in the town of Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin), 25 km south-east of St. Petersburg. This is 325-metre-long palace to the Empress, her dazed courtiers and stupefied foreign ambassadors. During Elizabeth's lifetime, the palace was famed for its obscenely lavish exterior. More than 100 kilograms of gold were used to gild the sophisticated stucco façade and numerous statues erected on the roof. It was even rumored that the palace's roof was constructed entirely of gold. In front of the palace a great formal garden was laid out.
Noted for their elaborate jasper decor, the rooms of the palace were designed so as to be connected to the Hanging Gardens, the Cold Baths, and the Cameron Gallery (still housing a collection of bronze statuary) - three Neoclassical edifices constructed to Cameron's designs.
Free Time for lunch
15.00 Approx Time Proceed for Peter & Paul fortress followed by visit to Flea Market
18:00 Approx time back to Hotel




Breakfast at hotel
Approx time meet your Guide & Chauffer for Station Transfer
10:30 Approx time Enroute Visit the Famous Spill Blood Church
Free time in hand to enjoy city centre before we proceed for Moscow
13:30 Board your Sapsan Train for Moscow
17:45 Arrive Moscow Station& you will be greeted by your Guide & chauffer
Proceed to Check In Hotel
Evening free at leisure




Breakfast at Hotel
09:30 Approx Time Meet Your Guide for City Tour of Moscow with Kremlin Ground , 3 Cathedrals &
Visit the Famous Armoury Chamber
10.00 Panoramic tour to Moscow (Duration 3 hrs)
The tour starts in the heart of the city, at the Red Square. After observing St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin Mausoleum, the State Historical Museum and other sights of the area we move along the Moskva River embankment. On the way, we enjoy views of Kremlin, and continue to the Cathedral of the Christ the Savior, New Maidens Convent, Moscow State University. Visit to the Sparrow Hills observation spot opens outstanding view on Moscow. Then we travel to the Memorial Complex at Poklonnaya Hill and Victory Park, Triumphal Arch, Kutuzov Avenue, New Arbat, Boulevard ring, Pushkin square, Tverskaya street and end the tour at Manezhnaya Square.
Afternoon Free time for Lunch
14.30 Approx time Visit of Kremlin grounds and 3 cathedrals. Visit of Armory chamber
Moscow Kremlin is a unique architectural ensemble. It is famous for the ancient Sobornaya (Cathedrals') Square and cathedrals: Cathedral of the Annunciation; Assumption Cathedral where Russian tsars and imperators were crowned; Cathedral of the Archangel was a burial place for Grand Princes; Church of the Deposition of the Robe; the Patriarch's Chambers; Ivan the Great Bell Tower. The world-famous Tsar Canon and Tsar Bell became symbols of Moscow, and at the Senate Square, one can see buildings of former Senate and Arsenal (monument of architecture of Peter the Great time). The Great Kremlin Palace used to be a residence of Russian tsars and imperators; nowadays it is a residence of Russian President.
17:00 approx Time back to Hotel & Relax
18:30 Proceed to get your self entertained with the World Famous Moscow Circus Nikulin
19:00 Enjoy the Circus (Duration 2 ½ hrs)
Later After Dinner Proceed for hotel




Breakfast at Hotel
09:30 Approx Time Meet Your Guide for Tour of Sergiev posad, visit of Lavra monastery complex & evening Enjoy river Cruise
10.00 Tour to Sergiev posad, visit of Lavra monastery complex (duration 3.5 hrs)
Sergiev Posad town is located in 62 km from Moscow. This town is often called Russian Vatican. In XIV century, Saint Sergius Radonezhsky founded one of the biggest and most famous Russian Monasteries - the Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius. In the central Trinity Cathedral, the founder is buried. The most famous Andrew Rublev's icon - "The Trinity" was created specially for this cathedral.
Afternoon Free time for Lunch & visit Market Area
Today we have option to Enjoy Moscow Subway which happens to be one of the finest
18:00 Enjoy an Hour River Cruise Ride
19:00 Proceed back to Hotel...




Breakfast at Hotel
09:30 Approx Time Enjoy Guided Tour of Tretyakov art gallery Novodevichi convent, Christ the Savior cathedral
10:00 Vist the Famous Tretyakov Art Gallery Duration 2 hrs
Afternoon Free time for Shopping in Areas of Moscow Central




Breakfast at Hotel
Check Out from Hotel
Approx time proceed for Airport to board flight back home