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Magnificent and extravagant North America
is traveller’s most desired destination.

Vast landscapes to the buzzing city life, all packed in a single tour.
Grab your piece of the big apple, don't miss a chance to visit the famous Las Vegas casinos,
get closer to Hollywood at Los Angeles, experience the monumental Statue of Liberty,
enjoy the white sands of playful Miami, feel your pulse go high at Grand Canyon.
It does not end here...

As you travel towards the north, be ready to be drenched in amazing Niagara Falls,
get awed by the scenic beauty of Vancouver and snowy Quebec, exult in metropolitan of Toronto
and step back in time to see a fairy tale unfold at Casa Loma, the castle.

Rejoice the view of Rocky Mountains and mammoth sized CN Towers.
To the south lies the amazing Caribbean cruise and visit of the island pearls Port of Spain,
Antigua or Barbados.
All in all North America will stay in your mind for long even after you are back home.